Sunday, July 11, 2010

Final Day of Racing...Here We Go!

Yesterday saw some great racing by US crews, in spite of crazy conditions and delays at the end of the day. World Rowing and row2K have great summaries of the events, results, and thunderstorm!

We went down to the Rotsee this morning for a quick paddle in the eight before racing started. It was beautifully flat and sunny, although the Empacher trailer near the boat racks had a single on it that looked like it had seen the wrong side of the enormous branch that had fallen on it last night! Ouch...I hate looking at broken boats!

This morning, we are hanging out at the hotel, napping, stretching, hydrating, and watching races online. So far, the US is off to a great start, with Susan and Meghan winning silver in the pair and Stesha and Kate taking bronze in the double. Our men's quad, who were 300m into their semi last night when racing was called because of the snapped bouy line, re-raced this morning. They took fourth, which puts them in the B-final, but they managed to sprint through defending World Champs Poland, which is awesome. Jake and Charlie led for the first 500m of the M2- B-final, finishing fourth. In the light men's double, Brian and Jon moved from fifth place in an extremely tight field with 1500 to go and wound up taking second in the LM2x B-final, a great performance. Warren and Glenn pushed through the leading Italian crew and through Norway in the last 500 to win the M2x B-final by just over 0.3 seconds! Gevvie sprinted through Canada's Isolda Penney to win the B-final of the W1x.

That's all for now--time to get ready to race!

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